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WP9 E-infrastructure and supercomputing network

The goal of this work package is to support the operativity of the SoBigData++ e-infrastructure, integrating new and existing services and quantitatively and qualitatively enhancing them. Activities comprise (I) an update on the best practices / policies for the harmonization of federated resources available at local infrastructure sites; (II) adaptation of existing and new resources to the identified best practices; and (III) maintenance of the SoBigData++ e-infrastructure, creation and update of the Virtual Research Environments in order to support all the activities performed in other WPs.


  • T9.1 E-infrastructure core services and components – Task leader: CNR. Participants: EGI, Nubisware
  • T9.2 Social Mining computational engine – Task leader: CNR. Participants: Nubisware
  • T9.3 Online coding and workflow design – Task leader: EGI. Participants: CNR
  • T9.4 Online science monitoring dashboard – Task leader: OpenAIRE. Participants: CNR
  • T9.5 Supercomputing Network management and access – Task leader: BSC. 
    Participants: CNR, LUH, AALTO, TU Delft, UNIPI, ETHZ, USFD, UT