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WP2 Responsible Data Science

The project will gather innovative and proactive responses to structural problems currently emerging in social and cultural data analytics, for example, online information disorder, the Facebook data privacy breach and algorithmic bias and discrimination. This will ensure that our RI not only develops best practices and resources for social and cultural data analytics practitioners but it will also grant a wider, informed, engaged and equitable participation and impact. SoBigData++ will become an important hub for European and international researchers working across the field and will annually report on best-practice, emerging trends, and innovative approaches.


  • T2.1 Board for Operational Ethics and Legality – Task leader: TUDelft. Participants: LUH, CNR, SSSA
  • T2.2 Bottom-up Ethics and Legality for Data Science – Task leader: SSSA. Participants: TUDelft, CNR, URV, KCL, SSSA, LUH
  • T2.3 High-Level Advisories Board – Task leader: LUH. Participants: TUDelft, CNR, UNIPI, URV, CNRS, SSSA
  • T2.4 Critical Data Literacy – Task leader: KCL. Participants: LUH, TUDelft, CNR, SSSA