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WP3 Dissemination, Impact and sustainability

The WP will develop and manage the project’s communication channels, take concrete steps towards enlarging the SoBigData community, disseminate project results to relevant scientific communities, put in place a sustainability plan, engage a wide range of stakeholders in order to guarantee the project’s results long-term sustainability and coordinate with WP5 on innovation activities, in order to maximize the project’s impact.


  • T3.1 Stakeholder Analysis and Dissemination Plan – Task leader: UNIPI. Participants: ALL
  • T3.2 Curation of Dissemination, Communication and Impact Channels – Task leader: KCL. Participants: ALL
  • T3.3 Multidisciplinary Community Building and Outreach – Task leader: USFD. Participants: TUDelft, SNS, USFD, PSE, CEU PU
  • T3.4 Outreach to Policy Makers and the Public at large – Task leader: RIE. Participants: USFD
  • T3.5 Sustainability Planning- Task leader: CNR. Participants: ALL