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WP4 Training

This WP will establish a joint training and education resource on big social data in the European research area, promoting the education of the next generation of data science researchers, with emphasis on social analytics. Moreover, it will connect with research communities yet underrepresented in social big data resources and will engage researchers with new research methodologies for social big data and will support the SoBigData++ research infrastructure usage through user training.


  • T4.1 Online Training Modules – Task leader: KCL. Participants: LUH, UT, ETHZ, USFD, CNR, UNIPI, SNS, UNIROMA1, URV, SSSA
  • T4.2 Summer schools – Task leader: SNS. Participants: USFD, LUH, UNIROMA1
  • T4.3 Datathons – Task leader: CNRS. Participants: CNR, IMT, KTH, ETHZ
  • T4.4 Cultivating diversity in data science through training – Task leader: KCL. Participants: ALL