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Project Advisory Board

Katharina Morik
Yücel Saygın
Giovanni Sartor
Katharina Morik

Katharina Morik – TU Dortmund


  • Information Extraction from Texts and Text Classification
  • Clustering
  • Statistical Learning
  • SFB 876 – Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis
  • Spatio-temporal models
  • Data(-driven) science

Yücel Saygın

Yücel Saygın – Sabanci University


  • Privacy preserving data management and sentiment analysis.
  • Confidentiality of data against data mining methods.
  • Ubiquitous knowledge discovery and spatio-temporal data mining are two new areas that I am interested in. In the context of two EU FP6 funded projects, our group is working on privacy preserving distributed mining of spatio-temporal data, and anonymization of moving object trajectories. 

Giovanni Sartor

Giovanni Sartor – University of Bologna


  • Legal logic and artificial intelligence, and law (the concept of law, legal validity), and computer law (data protection, intellectual property. liability regimes and automation).
  • Legal philosophy, legal theory
  • Logic and argumentation
  • Legal informatics
  • Legal, ethical and political aspects of information and communication technologies
  • Artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, automatic reasoning, agents and multiagent systems
  • Legislation (theories and techniques)