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WP10 Exploratories

This WP cross-disciplinary social mining research will be structured in vertical thematic environments, called ‘exploratories’, aimed at creating new datasets and services to be integrated within the SoBigData++ research infrastructure. Each exploratory will have two major figures: (i) a Scientific Leader which will be a domain expert and will have the responsibility of fostering integration of research activities and of supervising their scientific soundness and validity; (ii) a User Community Activist, a researcher of the domain with the tasks of share the information among the partners, to collaborate with WP3, WP4 and WP5 and the other Exploratories. She/he will help in organizing events and disseminating the results and to foster interests among the e-infrastructure users through social network activities (i.e. posts, users interactions, etc.). The Scientific Leader and User Community Activist roles will be assigned at the beginning of the projects and the monitoring of their activities will be part of the task leader duties. The WP activity may include additional emerging Exploratories which will be included in the SoBigData++ platform from the interaction between associated partners or other users, those new Exploratories will be evaluated by the consortium using interests groups.


  • T10.1 Societal Debates and Misinformation Analysis. – Task leader: USFD. Participants: IMT, BSC, CNR, ETHZ, UT, CNRS, UNIPI, UvA, CSD, CEU PU
  • T10.2 Demography, Economy & Finance 2.0 – Task leader: ETHZ. Participants: CNR, SNS, IMT, UT, CEU PU, UNIROMA1, PSE, SSSA
  • T10.3 Sustainable Cities for Citizens – Task leader: IMT. Participants: CNR, FRH, CEU PU, UAQ, CRA, KTH, URV, Eli
  • T10.4 Migration Studies – Task leader: PSE. Participants: UNIPI, CNR, AALTO, CEU PU
  • T10.5 Sports Data Science – Task leader UNIPI. Participants: CNR, FRH
  • T10.6 Social Impacts of AI and Explainable Machine Learning – Task leader: UNIPI. Participants: CNR, FRH, USFD, LUH, KTH, UNIROMA1, ETHZ, UPF, UT, KCL
  • T10.7 SoBigData Interest groups – Task leader: UNIROMA1. Participants: ALL