WP6 - TA1 - Transnational Access

WP6 - TA1 - Transnational Access [Months: 1-48]


Provision of on-site access will be granted at 11 locations in 9 European countries regarding 6 thematic clusters (See section 3.1) offering world-leading research expertise from multiple disciplines, as well as Big Data computing platforms, big social data resources, and cutting-edge computational methods. The following table describes the hosts
that will be provided for Transnational Access:

Installation Locations (IL) | Partners (P) | Thematic Clusters (TC)

IL: Italy, Pisa | P: CNR, SNS, UNIPI | TC: TSMM, SNA, HMA, WA, PET

IL: United Kingdom, Sheffield | P: USFD | TC: TSMM, WA

IL: Germany, Hannover | P: LUH | TC: TSMM, WA

IL: Finland, Helsinki | P: AALTO | TC: SNA, HMA

IL: Estonia, Tartu | P: UT | TC: TSMM, SNA, WA

IL: Switzerland, Zürich | P: ETHZ | TC: TSMM, SNA, WA

IL: Italy, Lucca | P: IMT | TC: TSMM, SNA, HMA

IL: Spain, Tarragona | P: URV | TC: SNA, HMA, PET

IL: Spain, Barcelona | P: BSC | TC: TSMM

IL: Spain, Barcelona | P: UPF | TC: TSMM, HMA

IL: Hungary, Budapest | P: CEU | TC: TSMM, HMA, SNA

IL: Italy, Rome | P: UNIROMA1 | TC: SNA

IL: Netherland, Amsterdam | P: UvA | TC: VA

IL: Sweden, Stockholm | P: KTH | TC: SNA, HMA

IL: France, Paris | P: PSE | TC: SD, HMA


This Work Package (coordinated by USFD) will implement activities related to Transnational Access (TA) offered by the infrastructure. It will specify the modality of access, including the offered support strategy, target users and all the activities aimed to implement TA. There are 3 fund managers: USFD, EGI and UT which will administer the TA Direct eligible cost for providing access budget (⅓ each one). 

T6.1 Transnational Access
Task leaders: USFD
Modality of access under this proposal. TA management: it will be led by USFD and involve all WP6 partners, which jointly will constitute the TA Management Board. Activities will involve organizing the TA (call publications, adverting, etc.) and the financial management of the resources. The TA Management Board will be responsible for the call publication and advertising and for setting up the international User Selection Panel (USP). The USP assign each visitor to one of the three fund managers: USFD, EGI or UT. The selected fund manager will be responsible for paying the user a travel and subsistence sum (a user will be reimbursed against payment receipts before and/or after the stay for a maximum of € 5.000) during the visit (with a duration between 1 week and 2 months). The USP will also responsible to establish the first contact between the user and the installation. During his or her visit, the user will interact with the local experts discussing research questions, and being trained on how to access the datasets and algorithms needed to perform their analysis. At the end of the visit, the users will be required to provide a final report on the performed activity, which will also detail the datasets he/she will have worked on and associated challenges. These reports will satisfy a twofold purpose: (i) integration into the dissemination activity, which will publish a yearly report ; (ii) direct feedback on the installation activity, which will be provided to the consortium.

Outreach to new users. The project will advertise the availability of visiting researcher positions through its dissemination channels (web site, newsletter, etc.) as well as through its training and dissemination channels. It is expected that there will be a very large demand for visits as a consequence of the much wider scope of the infrastructures that researchers will be able to access. The project will continue having a Continuous Open Call on the topics described by the Exploratories. This access modality allows users to submit an application at any given time, without a specific deadline. The application will then be swiftly reviewed by the USP and ethics board. In SoBigData this proved the most efficient and flexible application process for the TA users.

Review procedure under this proposal. The project’s User Selection Panel (USP) will be appointed at the start of the project by the TA Management Panel. It will comprise leading international researchers from all key scientific disciplines brought together in SoBigData++. The USP will communicate digitally, to carry out the selection of eligible proposals for access. Proposals will be submitted via an application form illustrating the activity proposed, the rationale of the visit, the objectives of the research, and the infrastructural facilities that they plan to make use of (data, computer facilities, and algorithms). The Panel will evaluate the applications with criteria published in the call. The procedure will include the evaluation of the Operational Ethics and Legality Board in order to ensure that all the experiments done by the users will be compliant with the ethical values promoted by SoBigData and the European law directives.