WP5 - NA4 - Accelerating Innovation


The WP objective is to widen the project’s impact beyond scientific communities, by undertaking a wide range of innovation activities aimed at industrial and other types of stakeholders (i.e. government bodies, non-profit organisations, funders, policymakers). Moreover, SoBigData++ will leverage the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub engagement framework from the EOSC-hub project to allow public sector institutions to access technical services and research data (See https://www.eosc-hub.eu/digital-innovation-hub). The WP will provide several initiatives in order to transfer the project knowledge and tools toward the industrial world.


T5.1 Partnerships with industry and contributions to policymaking
Task leader: SSSA. Participants: ALL
The first activity regards the consolidation and further expansion of the SoBigData industrial and institutional network. Currently, a growing number of companies, associations, institutions and universities are collaborating with the SoBigData project. The purpose of this activity is to codify contacts that take place between and within nodes of the
network and create a strong community, in order to help actors to share knowledge and information collected in previous activities. Furthermore, we wish to enlarge such a community, trying to involve other firms and institutions. We foresee annual meetings and the consolidation of an industrial board whose purpose is to promote dialogue and interactions between the network’s members.

T5.2 Challenge Us Programme
Task leader: UT. Participants: CNR, ETHZ, UNIPI, SNS, USFD, UNIROMA1, CSD
Another activity will regard the exploitation of competencies and skills which are at the basis of the SoBigData++ project. In order to do that, starting from the second year of the project, we propose a new collaboration format, named ‘Challenge us’. This format foresees that every year (starting from the project’s second year) companies that are part of the SoBigData network will be able to submit a challenge they are facing to SoBigData researchers. The best challenges will be addressed and solved by various nodes of the network. Thanks to this activity, the exchange of knowledge and the development of new solutions within the project will be facilitated. The programme will have a three-month duration, starting from the creation of the working group in an event. The programme will end with the publishing of a report on the SoBigData++ blog and – whenever possible – by integrating the new methods and datasets in the platform. There will be 3 editions of the Challenge Us during SoBigData++. The leader will be responsible for the definition of the Challenge Us user selection panel (CUSP) for the selection of the challenges to address in each edition.

T5.3 Entrepreneurial skills for big data entrepreneurs
Task leader: UNIPI. Participants: SSSA, STACC
With the support of the Technology Transfer Offices of various institutions, we aim to collect detailed information related to these types of contents and help individual actors to identify a feasible ‘go to market’ plan. In other words, we aim to meet with researchers and problem-solvers, codify a first description of their original solutions and give them very early feedback about their ideas. We also wish to provide a sort of a ‘first-mile’ service, discussing and sharing views with innovators about the best way to generate positive impact for their inventions. To do this, we will organize seminars and meetings, through a mix of physical presence and teleconferencing. An Example of this will be the PhD+ program organized by UNIPI. Training material produced within the courses will be also transferred to task T4.1.