WP3 - NA2 - Dissemination, Impact, and Sustainability


The WP will develop and manage the project’s communication channels, take concrete steps towards enlarging the SoBigData community, disseminate project results to relevant scientific communities, put in place a sustainability plan, engage a wide range of stakeholders in order to guarantee the project’s results long-term sustainability and coordinate with WP5 on innovation activities, in order to maximize the project’s impact


T3.1 Stakeholder Analysis and Dissemination Plan
Task leader: UNIPI
Participants: ALL
This task will begin by developing a comprehensive stakeholder analysis regarding when and how stakeholder needs are addressed. It will produce a dissemination plan that will list activity types and how they can best target the wide range of stakeholders that the project entails.

T3.2 Curation of Dissemination, Communication and Impact Channels
Task leader: KCL
Participants: ALL
The project will regard a range of dissemination channels from the biannual SoBigData++ newsletter to a website and social media, media and specialized journal presence. Scientific dissemination and outreach to relevant research communities will be through high-profile journals and conference publication channels (e.g. ICWSM, SIGIR, WWW,
WSDM, KDD, ECML PKDD, SDM, ICDM, ACL, COLING, EMNLP, all IEEE and ACM journal venues). This task will coordinate actions in this field, present the project’s developments via its biannual newsletter (See http:// sobigdata.eu/newsletter) and provide a regular overview of scientific publication channels and opportunities to the SoBigData++ community. This is currently challenging as work on social data is spread out among multiple disciplines and organisations. We will also ensure compliance with the Horizon 2020 open access publication policy.

T3.3 Multidisciplinary Community Building and Outreach
Task leader: USFD
Participants: TUDelft, SNS, USFD, PSE, CEU
The objective of this task is to deliver focused workshops (a minimum of four) aimed at displaying joint research within the exploratories. Events will include presentations from experts in specific fields, PhD students and researchers in order to strengthen the community and stimulate new ideas and collaborations, within events condensed in one or two days. The result of the workshop will be a report to be posted in the exploratory Virtual Research Environment in order to enhance the public discussion. Moreover, a final conference will be organized to present the final results of the project including major actors within the European social science field as well as the industrial board and the members of the SoBigData Foundation.

T3.4 Outreach to Policy Makers and the Public at large
Task leader: RIE
Participants: USFD
A specific task has been developed in order to ensure that broader societal questions, connected to the outcomes of the project, reach policymakers and the public-at-large, with special focus on results of T2.2 and T2.3. This will be developed through the network of project partner Re-Imagine Europa that will be responsible for producing a number of white papers based on the reports from the workshops in T3.3. Moreover, Re-Imagine Europa will ensure that these results reach relevant stakeholders including policymakers, MEPs, civil society organisations, NGOs, government officials and representatives of other organisations. Moreover, a number of meetings, roundtable discussions and conferences will be
organised throughout the project to ensure that the results of the project will be discussed with the relevant policymakers and that the community be represented at the relevant discussions taking place in Brussels. The plan for these events and activities will be developed in coordination with T3.1.

T3.5 Sustainability Planning
Task leader: CNR
Participants: ALL
The task will deliver a sustainability plan and strategy for the future development of the project results. The objective will be to create a not-for-profit (NPO) entity at the end of the first year, which will be named SoBigData Association. The SoBigData Association will be mainly responsible for inviting experts and companies to events. It will focus on and manage membership of all interested organizations in Europe, especially organizations which are not consortium partners. At the end of the third year, the task will investigate the possibility to transfer and integrate this legal body into the newly established SoBigData Foundation gathering partners from Research, Industries, Public Sector,
NGOs, Venture Capital with core project partners acting as founders. The Foundation will be charged with supporting the SoBigData++ mission: to build an open, sustainable Platform and ecosystem for Ethical Social Mining. Special communication actions will be undertaken during the creation of the SoBigData Foundation in order to announce its birth
to the scientific and industrial worlds. Moreover, CNR will ensure the sustainability of the SoBigData e-infrastructure for two years after the end of the project to give time to find other funds, and/or to have time for the foundation to have the economic stability to maintain the services developed in the project