WP2 - NA1 - Responsible Data Science


The project will gather innovative and proactive responses to structural problems currently emerging in social and cultural data analytics, for example, online information disorder, the Facebook data privacy breach and algorithmic bias and discrimination. This will ensure that our RI not only develops best practices and resources for social and cultural data analytics practitioners but it will also grant a wider, informed, engaged and equitable participation and impact. SoBigData++ will become an important hub for European and international researchers working across the field and will annually report on best-practice, emerging trends, and innovative approaches.


T2.1 Board for Operational Ethics and Legality
Task leader: TUDelft
Participants: LUH, CNR, SSSA
This task will establish and manage an Ethics Board with experts in IT law, IT ethics, IP law, data protection, and experts in various contexts such as Digital Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociologists. Moreover, external specialists in data protection and research ethics will join the Ethics Board. The board aims to offer an internal service to the project, capable to address ethics and legal problems in sharing data and executing social experiments on them. This task will work in collaboration with the other WPs (i.e. WP3, WP5, WP6, WP8 and WP10) to analyse and validate the usage of data mining resources and the experiments performed.

T2.2 Bottom-up Ethics and Legality for Data Science
Task leader: SSSA
Participants: TUDelft, CNR, URV, KCL, SSSA, LUH
In this task, the material experiences gathered by the Ethics board (described in T2.1) will be brought to a general level becoming the basis for public opinions and guidelines to be submitted to the High-Level Advisory Board (T2.3). This task, in close collaboration with WP3, will include activities involved in defining Datathons. Thus, ethical and
legal aspects will be featured in experiments to be carried out during Datathons. Moreover, a special series of events, named awareness panels, will be organized in order to create panels of experts in different countries discussing specific ethical and legal issues with the involvement of researchers, policymakers and local industries. This task can also be seen as a gateway to prepare use-cases, guidelines and opinions to be used as a knowledge base for the High-Level advisory position Board (See T2.3). A key element of this task will be to define and implement the legal and ethical framework into the SoBigData++ research infrastructure, to ensure compliance with the European and national legal
frameworks, especially in privacy and Data Protection by design fields. The resulting material of the task activity will also become the base for enhancing the on-line training course, described in T4.1.

T2.3 High-Level Advisories Board
Task leader: LUH
Participants: TUDelft, CNR, UNIPI, URV, CNRS, SSSA
The activities of this board are a further step after awareness conferences and collection of T2.1 experiences. Opinion, use-cases, and guidelines drafts, prepared in T2.2, will be submitted for discussion within this high-level board. The High-Level Advisories Board will be formed by members of the consortium (core part) as well as external experts,
selected according to their expertise in specific topics. The board will be chaired by J. van den Hoven, professor of ethics at TUDelft, while Professor Dr. Tina Krügel, IT law professor at LUH and Giovanni Comandé, legal informatics professor at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, will act as board Vice Chairs and legal counsels. This task will produce an
annual white paper to be published and disseminated through different channels (see T3.2, T3.4 and T5.1) to impact European society at different levels.

T2.4 Critical Data Literacy
Task leader: KCL
Participants: LUH, TUDelft, CNR, SSSA
The task will monitor the evolving global developments regarding critical data literacy and their long-term impact on the research infrastructure. The task will also observe any new critical perspectives and integrate it into the relevant WPs. In this sense, this task is responsible for upholding high standards of scientific research around social big data analytics and within the SoBigData++ consortium as a whole. By accomplishing this, our aim for the SoBigData++ consortium and its associates is to respect and follow standards of legal and ethical scientific practice and behaviour. This task will develop a strategy and roadmap to future-proof SoBigData++ as an ethical infrastructure and maintain its status as a trusted intermediary.