SoBigData++ strives to deliver a distributed, Pan-European, multi-disciplinary research infrastructure for big social data analytics, coupled with the consolidation of a cross-disciplinary European research community, aimed at using social mining and big data to understand the complexity of our contemporary, globally-interconnected society. SoBigData++ is set to advance on such ambitious tasks thanks to SoBigData, the predecessor project that started this construction in 2015.

Becoming an advanced community, SoBigData++ is empowering its tools and services to empower researchers and innovators through a platform for the design and execution of large-scale social mining experiments. It will be open to users with diverse background, accessible on project cloud - aligned with EOSC - and also exploiting supercomputing facilities.

Pushing the FAIR principles further, SoBigData++ render social mining experiments more easily designed, adjusted and repeatable by domain experts that are not data scientists. SoBigData++ is moving forward from a starting community of pioneers to a wide and diverse scientific movement, capable of empowering the next generation of responsible social data scientists, engaged in the grand societal challenges laid out in its exploratories: Societal Debates and Online Misinformation, Sustainable Cities for Citizens, Demography, Economics & Finance 2.0, Migration Studies, Sport Data Science, Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Explainable Machine Learning.

SoBigData++ advances from the awareness of ethical and legal challenges to concrete tools that operationalise ethics with value-sensitive design, incorporating values and norms for privacy protection, fairness, transparency and pluralism. SoBigData++ delivers an accelerator of data-driven innovation that facilitates the collaboration with industry to develop joint pilot projects, and will consolidate an RI ready for the ESFRI Roadmap and sustained by a SoBigData Association.



SoBigData is a research infrastructure (RI) for ethic-sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining to the various dimensions of social life, as recorded by “big data”.


The research community uses the SoBigData RI facilities as a “secure digital wind-tunnel” for large-scale social data analysis and simulation experiments.


SoBigData RI serves the wide cross-disciplinary community of data scientists, i.e., researchers studying all aspects of societal complexity from a data- and model-driven perspective.

Societal Challenges

The RI provides the common ground for numerous H2020 projects aimed at tackling societal challenges.



Data Ecosystem

An ever-growing, distributed data ecosystem for procurement, access and curation of big social data, to underpin social data mining research within an ethic-sensitive context. This will be based on innovative strategies for acquiring social big data for research purposes, using both opportunistic means offered by social sensing technologies and participatory means based on user involvement as prosumers of social data and knowledge.

Distributed Platform

An ever-growing, distributed platform of interoperable, social data mining methods and associated skills: tools, methodologies and services for mining, analysing, and visualising complex and massive datasets, harnessing the techno-legal barriers to the ethically safe deployment of big data for social mining.

Transnational and Virtual Access

A starting community of scientific, industrial, and other stakeholders (e.g. policy makers), supported by transnational and virtual access activities, and brought together by extensive networking and innovation actions (e.g. workshops, summer schools, datathons, training resources in social data mining, knowledge transfer, industrial partnerships). In particular, the training events and resources are aimed at creating a new generation of multi-disciplinary social data scientists, with focus on early career researchers and promoting gender balance.



SoBigData++ promotes the integration of state-of-the-art research data, methods, and services, into new research. It will contribute to the creation of a new community of researchers – data scientists – ready to exploit the opportunities of big data and to incorporate it in data-driven science and innovation. As an open research infrastructure, SoBigData++ enforce repeatable and open science.

text and social media mining

social network analysis

human mobility analytics

web analytics

visual analytics

privacy enhancing technology